Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First stop Motion.

After about a month of planning and building I have finally made my first Stop Motion Animation! If you do not not what that is it means you make a video by taking one picture then move the figure slightly and take another and so on. It's very time consuming and can sometimes not turn out to well but this is actually pretty good! :D
It is for a contest hosted by Toywiz/ Brickarsenal and the prizes are great! First gets $100 second gets $75 and third gets $50! My video is on the Battle of Stalingrad from WW2. Hope I win! I'll tell the results tomorrow to say if I won! Fingers crossed :D
I will post a link latter..... :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Custom figures

If you have read the welcome post, then you would now that I hope to start selling custom figures. I will reveal the first Idea for one now....The first one is planned to be a US Vietnam soldier! He will include a custom painted camo brickarms m1 pot helmet, a brickarms m16, a brickarms knife, brickarms shotgun, brickarms shotgun shell and more! He will be about $15 dollars once I finalize everything. Thanks you all! :)



Welcome to Epac98Productions! This ia just a post so everyone can learn of what to expect. I plan to sell custom lego figures and sets in the future. They will be reasonably priced and come with many objects such as brickarms guns and helmets. I hope you have a nice time shopping here.